Suicide Prevention

Veterans and Active Duty Military crisis responses

We take Veteran and active duty military suicide seriously. Our mission is to help prevent suicide of those with military affiliation. Too many of our brothers and sisters are left with feeling they have nowhere to turn and no one they can trust with what they are going through. We never want our Veterans and active duty military to ever feel alone and know we are a team they can trust and that they have a team that will have their six at all times. 

With the cooperation of the Killeen Police Department, as of September 20, 2018, we have 17 crisis counseling responses. Out of those 17, 15 were suicidal responses. Of those 15, we have been able to prevent 12 Veteran suicides and 3 active duty military suicides. All were able to continue in life, reach out for proper mental health care, and specialized treatments.

Our Mission in providing counseling for veterans

Provide a Supportive Team


Many Veterans suffer in silence due to the stigma attached to "needing help" and transitional issues that follow separation from service, including feeling left behind or forgotten by . We lend our ears, voice, and hand to show that there is no judgment and we are in the struggle together.

Help Veterans by Teaming with Local Law Enforcement


As a nonprofit, we work with our local police department as another resource. Officers respond to calls with Veterans in crisis and appreciate having another tool to help them.

Many of the officers are Veterans themselves and can relate to these Veterans in crisis. All of our officers have the desire to show each Veteran that they truly care and want to help. Officers use their crisis intervention training to assess the situation and the safety of the Veteran.

By contacting us to meet with the Veteran during their interaction with police, it reduces the negativity in encounters for both the officer and Veteran and builds positive relations. This teamwork to help the Veterans works to build the connection with Veterans and law enforcement in the community. Veterans and law enforcement are two entities that have protected our country on two different fronts; let's take care of each other, too.

We Leave No One Behind


Our war-time Veterans left a lot of themselves on the soil of another country during war. They may have seen or done things that stay with them after deployment or wished they could have done things they couldn't. We need to take care of our brothers and sisters that gave so much for us.

We aim to grow our program to new levels and give these Warriors a place to turn to and know that they are not left behind. Our efforts provide them free mental health counseling, peer support, a hotel room and a warm meal for those that are homeless, positive and constructive outlets, and a team to turn to 24/7.